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ACT Kids show improvement on second English test.

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English Test:  Usage and Mechanics Great ACT prep books!

The Game Plan

English Test: Rhetorical Skills
The Master List of English Test Skills

Rhetorical Skills Question Types
ACT Test Analysis page takes away the mystery of the ACT!

Instant Score Boosters:  Raise your score in minutes.

English Test Strategies
Flash Cards--Grammar Refresher
Grammar Flow Chart

Reading Test Strategies
Run-ons, Comma Splices, and Fragments The Wrong Stuff!

General Test-Taking Strategies

Let the Test Help You! New 9-22-14
Commas: All the rules

Essay Writing Strategy
Commas: The tested rules

Contact Information:t
Mr. Chris Roden

The "Essential" Comma Rules
Please let me know what I need to add or explain better.  Thanks!

Semicolons and Colons

Important Information:
The Dash

Course Syllabus
Subject and Verb Agreement plus
Pronoun and Antecedent Agreement

PBS Matrix
The Case of Correct Pronoun Choices

Daily Assignments
Archived for ACT Prep Teachers to peruse

The National Average ACT Composite Score is...

End of Class Survey Quotes AKA Unpaid Endorsements

Feedback from ACT Prep Teachers
that like these pages.  I haven't received any negative feedback.

U.S. News and World Report Education Blog

that quoted yours truly

When it's time for the real deal
Parallelism Explained My English Pages
The good stuff.
Transitions:  Idea Road Signs

Useful ACT Links
Quick Facts about the ACT

LHS ACT Testing Dates and registration information
Vocabulary and the ACT
Awards Won by these Web Pages
Top Fifty Skills

Your Worst Enemy!
How Grammar Raises ACT Scores

Four Practice Tests
A great place to test your skills
Adjectives vs. Adverbs

SAT English Test vs. ACT English Test
Passive Voice Verbs--yuck! Changes in the Writing Test
Who vs. Whom new 9-22-14
Senior English Pages

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