ACT Prep Game Plan

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Syllabus and PBS Matrix

Give TEST 1
•    Begin Mini Grammar Unit after explaining the need for it.  Use link.
o    Flash Cards (pre-class assignment for second and third rotations.
o    Direct Object ws.  Do subject and verb on all of these.
o    Indirect Object ws.
o    Predicate Word
o    DO or PW?
o    Adjective Adverb ws
o    Prepositional phrases
o    Participles
o    Gerunds
o    Participle or Gerund
o    Appositive phrases
o    Subordinate Clauses with eye on comma rules: introductory adverb clause, nonessential adjective clause (comma worksheet 6), noun clause as nonessential appositive phrase
o    Subordinate Clause variety pack
•    The Wrong Stuff Parts one and two ws
•    Parallelism ws
•    Essential/Nonessential Phrases and clauses
•    Tested commas page
•    Comma worksheets--some are better than others.
•    Pronoun choices ws (Also, I don't have a ws. for pronouns and their referents, but that's tested on the ACT.)
•    Misplaced modifiers
•    Active vs. Passive voice ws and Subject-verb agreement ws and rules page
•    Transitions ws.
•    Instant Score Boosters page
•    Test Analysis page
•    English and Reading testing strategies pages

Pass out Test 1 and their answer sheets.  Go over the test and show how their new knowledge would have helped.
Stress that a right answer before learning the material could easily have been a good guess.

Pick another test and have them do a passage at time before grading and explaining the right answers.

If time allows, do another test using the same process.

Take the "final" and report their improvement over their first test.

Last day…give the end of class survey and show them the After the class ends link, the testing dates link, the online practice tests link, etc.