After the class ends...

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So, you're just about ready to take the real ACT?  What to do?

1.  Well, I advise that you take the practice tests:  Practice Tests  Since I took the tests in the booklet from the ACT and explained the answers, they have to be helpful.  The McGraw-Hill online tests are timed.

2.  Buying one or more of the ACT prep books is a smart move.  They also have practice tests with answers and explanations.

3.  You know what will be covered on the ACT.  If there's anything you don't understand at this point--and there is, of course--then ask your English teacher to explain the concepts to you again.  I only had you for six weeks.  It used to take me seven or eight months to drill these concepts into student brains when I had them for a year.

4.  Going to the link for non-LHS students is a great place to go.  It guides you through these web pages in a user-friendly way.  That's why it's link number one.

5.  Pay me $200, buy me a disguise, and tell me when to show up to take your English and Reading tests.  You'll fail the math and science this way, but we all know I can pass for seventeen.  I just need a little moisturizer, and I'll be good to go.

Mr. Roden--teenager