ACT Prep Class--English and Reading

Our Daily Assignments--ACT tested skills are color coded.

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Friday, February 26
Comma worksheets

Heads up: Tuesday while the juniors are taking their practice ACT, we senior citizens will report to Mrs. Christal's room in the history hallway.

Thursday, February 25
"The Wrong Stuff" part two and comma worksheets.

Tuesday, February 23
More Parallelism plus the first "The Wrong Stuff" worksheet.

Monday, February 22

Friday, February 19
More with the Nonessentials

Thursday, February 18
Nonessential Phrases and Clauses

Tuesday, February 16
Noun Clauses can be any type of noun we've studied.  This will be fun!

Monday, February 15
Friday, February 12
Professional Development Day
Presidents' Day

Thursday, February 11
More with adjective clauses and the essential vs. nonessential concept.
Adverb Clauses ws.

Tuesday, February 9
We tackled adjective clauses and received a subordinate clause info sheet.

Monday, February 8Finish off the verbals and appositives and tackle subordinate clauses if time allows.
Friday, February 5
Fun with gerunds and participles continues. Appositives also.

Thursday, February 4
More fun with gerunds and participles.
Infinitives if time allows.

Book Fair at 9:10

Tuesday, February 2
Gerunds vs. participles

Monday, February 1More participial phrases then gerunds and infinitives.
Friday, January 29
Participial phrases and gerund phrases

Thursday, January 28
Adverb ws. and then prepositional phrases.
Tuesday, January 26

Monday, January 25
Worksheet:  DO or PW?"

Adjectives and adverbs.

If you missed the first flash card quiz, you retake it tomorrow.

Friday, January 22
More with linking verbs and predicate words

January 20-21

Snow Days!

Tuesday, January 19
Flash Cards Quiz
Book work on linking verbs and predicate verbs

Monday, January 18

January 13-15
I was gone.  You were told to study for a flash card quiz today.  I hope you did!

Linking verbs and predicate words

Tuesday, January 12
 Direct/Indirect Objects WS.

Monday, January 11
Making our flash cards or direct and indirect objects if we didn't bring our index cards.

Friday, January 8
Our first reading test.

Thursday, January 7
We will take our first English test and then work on our flash cards.  Next time, we take our first reading test.

Tuesday, January 5
Seating chart and class overview. Flash card assignment.  First English test tomorrow.

Friday, December 18
Thanks for a great semester!  Best batch of kids I have ever had in ACT Prep!  Have a safe, relaxing break and a  Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 17
A few pictures of the class for my scrapbook and a celebratory movie

Tuesday, December 15
Final assignment.  Read and summarize this story.  It seems a little crazy to me that I am expected to teach you how to summarize at the high school level, but it's a useful skill, especially on reading tests.  To summarize is to reduce the reading to its most important details.  Consequently, it's shorter than the original.  By the way, paraphrasing is putting the reading into your own words, so a paraphrase is often longer than the original.

Friday, December 11
More English review before Saturday's ACT test.
Thursday, December 10
English Review.
Tuesday, December 8
I am absent.  Important educational film.
Monday, December 7
Science Strategies
Friday, December 4
Science Strategies
Thursday, December 3
Mr. Beal presents more strategies and practice questions.

Tuesday, December 1
Mr. Beal takes charge and presents strategies to beat the science test.

Monday, November 30
Our first science test!  Hooray!

Tuesday, November 24
Wrapping up our math segment in a super duper fashion.

Monday, November 23
Our last day with Mr. Nail.  We thank you, sir!

Friday, November 20
Mr. Nail goes over the test.

Thursday, November 19
Mr. Nail's second practice test (your third math test).

Tuesday, November 17
More with the math guru, Mr. Nail.

Monday, November 16
Mr. Nail continues his math unit.  Homework:  Find three questions from the practice test that gave you a hard time for Tuesday discussion.

Friday, November 13
No school for you!

Wednesday, November 11

Math practice Test #2
Tuesday, November 10

 Math continues.
Monday, November 9
Mr. Nail began his math unit.

Homework: Worksheet #3 1-9.

Friday, November 6
More math deviltry.  Today is the deadline for registering online for the December ACT.
Worksheet #2 (194-208)
Thursday, November 5
Part Two (last thirty minutes) of the math test.

Tuesday, November 3
Part One (thirty minutes worth) of the math test.

Monday, November 2
Our First Math Test!  We will break this up into two thirty-minutes sessions: one today, one Tuesday.  Oops! No calculators.  Bring your own.  I will try to find a set to borrow.

Friday, October 30
Last reading test of the semester.  Time to swing away!

Thursday, October 29
Makeup English test and go over the reading test.

Tuesday, October 27
Reading Test for everyone.  Next time is the English Test makeup day.  Everyone bring a book to read or work to work on.

Monday, October 26
Discuss English test results and reading test strategies.  Go over August reading test, classifying question types.
Friday, October 23
No school!  Thanks for coming in, parents!
Thursday, October 22

Last English Test
Seniors order caps and gowns at lunch Thursday.
Tuesday, October 20
ASVAB for juniors.  Seniors, ask your questions.

Monday, October 19
Pronoun choice, who vs. whom, and test-taking strategies.
Friday, October 16
More prepping for Thursday's last English test.  I hope to see everyone in the "I improved!" pic this time.

Thursday, October 15
More test analysis
Tuesday, October 13
Going over the test, finding our weak areas, asking questions, and tooling up for the next and final English test.
Monday, October 12
We'll discuss the results.
Friday, October 9
No School:  PD Day
Thursday, October 8
You'll take the rest of the practice test, we'll grade it, and  you'll take ACT English Test #2.   You will ACE this test!  Good luck!
Tuesday, October 6
Friday continued.  I hope to finish the English test practice with enough time left over Thursday for Test #2.
Monday, October 5
Friday continued.
Friday, October 2
A question-by-question analysis of our first practice test, using our huge toolbox of knowledge.
Thursday, October 1
More with commas and subject-verb agreement.
Tuesday, Septermber 29
Dangling modifers and comma rules.
Monday, September 28
Correct pronoun choices and dangling modifiers.
Friday, September 25
The Wrong Stuff, Parts I and II
Thursday, September 24
Adverb Clauses
Tuesday,September 22
Finish noun clauses and tackle adverb clauses.
Monday, September 21
More subordinate clause fun.
Friday, September 17
PD Day. 
Thursday, September 16
Subordinate/dependent clauses.
Tuesday, September 15
More verbals and appositive practice and perhaps the beginning of subordinate clauses.
Monday, September 14
May the tsunami of knowlege that occurred Friday continue today as we continue to duke it out with verbals and appositives.
Friday, September 11
The sign up deadline for the October ACT is September 18.  Sign up online at the ACT website.

More Verbals practice.
Thursday, September 10
Master appositive phrases.
Conquer active vs. passive voice verbs.
Verbals and appositives practice.

From Mr. Pitts:  I have a scholarship opportunity for students wanting to pursue an English degree at Missouri Valley College.  Will you announce this to your senior English classes.  I will also post this on the the counselor's Scholarship Google classroom.  Thanks for your help.  The scholarship information may be found at:
Tuesday, September 8
Complete Infinitives ws.
Appositive phrases.

Practice with all verbals.
Monday. September 7
Labor Day
Thursday, September 3

From Mr. Pitts: Please encourage your students to enroll in Google Classroom - Scholarships. I will be posting scholarship opportunities as they become available and other helpful pieces of information throughout the school year.  The access code is:  spspq5
Tuesday, September 1
More Gerund vs. Participle fun

Monday, August 31
More fun with gerunds and then we discover if we can tell the difference between the gerund and the participle which share a common ending:  -ing.
Friday, August 28
    Your first flash card quiz will be graded and returned (I hope).  You can expect more in the very near future, so study!  A failing grade on this quiz should motivate you to Jacket coin a phrase.  Gerunds worksheet.
    I was very impressed by how many of my students received their Teachers'Academic Letter of Excellence. The "tale" told was one of determination and drive to excel.  Mission accomplished.
Thursday, August 27
Prepositional phrases, participial phrases, and more
Tuesday, August 25
Finishing D.O vs. P.Words and soldiering on.  Adjective and adverb worksheets.
Monday, August 24
Continue with our worksheets: predicate words, direct object vs. predicate words.
Friday, August 21
Grade our first English and Reading tests.  JBAC prevented learning today.
Thursday, August 20
Our first practice ACT tests happen today:  English and reading tests.
Tuesday, August 18
Subjects, actions verbs, direct and indirect objects.
Monday, August 17
We'll make our grammar flash cards today.
The raven was wrong.  Once again into the breach.
Friday, August 14, 2015
Roll, seating charts, drill info. Flash cards reminder.  Bring index cards Monday.
Practice with flash cards.
Quoth the raven, "Nevermore."
I stopped posting these because I don't think any of my students actually looks at them.  Scroll down to see the order of assignments in previous rotations.
Monday, April 14
 Hellos, flash cards graded, flash card quiz, and first ACT English test
Thursday, April 10
Picture showing improvement, survey, Reading test strategies
Wednesday, April 9
Last ACT English test
Wednesday, March 19--Monday, April 7 (minus Spring Break)
Review the questions of the ACT booklet test.
Review and take passages as mini-tests from a retired ACT test.
Tuesday, March 18
Subject-verb agreement, transitions, and commas
Monday, March 17
Pronoun choices, misplaced modifiers, active vs. passive voice verbs
Wednesday, March 12
The Wrong Stuff and Parallelism ws
Tuesday, March 11
All clauses, essential or nonessential phrases or clause
Monday, March 10
Noun and adjective clauses
Friday, March 7
Appositive phrases, subordinate clauses, adverb clauses
Wednesday, March 5
Continue with verbals.
Monday and Tuesday
Snow days
Friday, February 28
Prepositional phrases, participles, and gerunds.
Wednesday, February 26
Complete DO/IO ws.  Do PW/DO or PW
Tuesday, February 25
English TEST.
Monday, February 24
Hellos, grade flash cards, flash card quiz, drills information.  English Test Tuesday. Began DO/IO ws.
Friday, February 21
Take a picture showing improvement from test one to test two.  Survey.  Last look at web pages.
Wednesday, February 19
Some practice questions and then taking the last test. 
Tuesday, February 18
Test strategies and plowing through another practice test.
Monday, February 17
Continue going over the practice test.
Wednesday, February 13
Go over test one question by question.
Tuesday, February 11
Active vs. passive voice verbs, Transitions.
Monday, February 10
Pronoun choices, Misplaced modifiers
Friday, February 7
Comma rules review.  Pronoun choices ws.
Wednesday, February 5
Snow Day
Tuesday, February 4
Snow Day
Monday, February 3
Parallelism, our friend.
Friday, January 31
Complete Wrong Stuff (run ons, comma splices, fragments) worksheets and do Essential v. nonessential phrases and clauses ws.
Wednesday, January 29 All types of clauses.  The Wrong Stuff worksheets: runons, comma splices, and fragments
Tuesday, January 28
Adjective and noun clauses and all types
Monday, January 27
Subordinate (dependent) clauses:  adverb and adjective
Friday, January 23
Finish participles versus gerunds ws. and tackle appositive phrases.  Nonessential vs. essential continues to be discussed.
Wednesday, January 22
Participles, gerunds, participles v. gerunds ws.
Tuesday, January 21
Complete adverb ws. Do prepositional phrase ws.
Friday, January 17
Flash card quiz.  Complete Adjective and adverbs ws.
Wednesday, January 15
Predicate words ws.  Begin Adjective worksheet.  Flash Card Quiz on Friday
Tuesday, January 14
Tour of web pages and Direct Object/Indirect Object ws. Flash Card Quiz on Friday
Monday, January 13
ACT Reading test to establish baseline.
Friday, January 10
ACT English test to find what we know on day two.
Thursday, January 9
Hellos, grade flash cards, flash card quiz.
Friday, Decempber 20
Picture, survey, last look at web pages
Wednesday, December 18
More practice and then taking English Test Two
Monday, December 16
More Practice Test One Fun and test-taking strategies
Thursday, December 12
Misplaced modifiers
Active vs. Passive ws
Practice test one
Wednesday, December 11
Transitions and Pronoun choices
Friday through Tuesday
Snow days
Wednesday, December 4
Nonessential phrases  and clauses (with comma instruction) then Parallelism
Tuesday, December 3
The Wrong Stuff worksheets (fragments, comma splices, run ons)
Monday, December 2
All subordinate clauses workheet.  (Practiced essential and nonessential comma rules also)
Tuesday, November 26
Subordinate adjective and noun clauses
Monday, November 25
Subordinate clauses
Friday, November 22
Flash Cards quiz, more gerund vs. participle plus appositive work, and perhaps subordinate clauses.
Wednesday, November 20
Gerunds ws. and then Gerund or Participle? ws.  Appositive phrase ws. perhaps more.
Tuesday, November 19
Participles and gerunds.  Participial phrases can be essential or nonessential.  Plus, they can look exactly like gerunds.  We'll use the "it test" to tell the difference.
Monday, November 18
Adjective and adverb worksheets.  The ACT tests you on when to use an adjective vs. and adverb.
Friday, November 15
Predicate words worksheet.  Correct pronoun choices depend on a knowledge of subjects, direct and indirect objects, and predicate nominatives.
Thursday, November 14
Tour of web pages. Direct object/Indirect object worksheets.  Your flash card information pays off.
Wednesday, November 13
Reading Test #1. 35 minutes.  Try your hardest!  We need to find out what you need to learn and what I need to teach.  Also, be using your flash cards.  I will give more Flash Card Quizzes so STUDY AND LEARN.
Tuesday, November 12
Seating Chart
Turn in  flash cards for participation points
Flash cards quiz #1 for participation points
PBS matrix
How to navigate tests on T drive
English test #1