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Quotes from the End of Class Survey

I gave my students the option of signing their name or not, so most of the quotes are anonymous. FYI: I only had one negative answer on the sixteen surveys.  One person complained about my complaining.  In my defense, I only complained when some slackers slacked and made me hacked.  Here's a sampling:

"Use your time wisely and don't slack off!  You will feel much more confident in taking the ACT after this class.  It really will get you prepared and give you tips on what to look for." 
--Trevor Stubblefield

"I would tell the next group of kids not to slack off.  In the end, this class will help you a lot as long as you want to be helped."

"Yes, the class was worth my time.  The skills we worked on helped me with my English class as well as on my practice ACT."

"Yes.  It taught me how to pace myself and also gave me an understanding of how the real ACT will be."

"Yes, this class helped me on strategy with the ACT."

"Yes.  It taught me things about English that I didn't know before."
--McKenzie Compton

"Yes.  I took the ACT last Saturday, and I felt like I did well on the English part."

"Yes.  I believe it was well worth my time.  I haven't taken the ACT yet, but now when I take it for the first time, I will feel more prepared about the material that will be on there."

"Yes, it helped me on the things I never knew before.  When I took the ACT in September, I found it much easier than the first time I took it."