Feedback from my

Fellow ACT Prep English and Reading Teachers

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Kids, if you're wondering whether this site is worth your time, just consider the opinions of these teachers in other districts:

"I am teaching ACT Prep to 11th graders at my college prep school this year.  In preparing for my class, I stumbled upon your website, and it is amazing.  It helps me put everything in perspective and not feel so overwhelmed in how to structure the content."
--Brittany Spillman, Auburn, AL

"A fellow teacher of mine shared your site with me, and WOW!  Thank you for sharing this for others to use!  I will be incorporating this into my curriculum."
--Erin Smith, Spring Creek High School, Seven Springs, North Carolina

"Your website is very good.  May I use your materials for my classes, and may I share your site with other teachers at my school?"
--Tammy Kennedy, Spring Creek High School, Seven Springs, North Carolina

"I thoroughly looked through your website and found it to be the most valuable one available."
--Troy Rivera, University High School, Greeley, Colorado

"I just want to personally thank you for posting all of this valuable information for people like me to come across. It has been very helpful [...]"
--Mallory Hamlin, Alcorn Central High School,Glen, MS

"I've seen your ACT Prep website -- it is really impressive!!  It looks extremely helpful for anyone preparing to teach such a course."
--Sharon Cooney, Sarcoxie R-II, Sarcoxie MO

"You have been a lifesaver, and I will spend a good deal of time over Christmas getting my game plan together and using those resources." 
--Brandie Lowrey, Kossuth High School, Corinth, MS

"I'm grateful to have stumbled upon your web site-- it's a treasure chest of resources!"
--Lesa Gibson, Hoover High School, Hoover, Alabama
"Your site is by far the best I've found.  I went to an ACT conference last month and laughed at what they called resources available on their site.  My kids use your site more than the ACT one!"
 --Tonya Schauwecker, Lake High School, Millbury, Ohio

"Wow, I came across your ACT Prep Class website this week, and am beyond amazed and inspired! I can't imagine the amount of hours that you put in to compiling all of the information!! Incredibly helpful to me as a new ACT Prep teacher at East HS-Denver Public Schools. [...] Again, thanks for your great, super-informative website. (I perused your Daily Assignments yesterday and only wish that we were in the same city, so I could meet with you and sit in on your class!)." 
 --Karen McChesney, Teacher, ACT Prep & Future Choices, East High School, Denver, Colorado

And this paraphrased statement by an LHS math teacher:
Here's a rose [a faculty meeting award for mild accomplishments].  So now you can finally shut your cakehole about your web pages. 
--Ben Nail, LHS Math Teacher