2015-16 First Semester ACT Prep Kids

Show Their Stuff

Here's the improvement from our English test #1 to English test #2:

Smart, hardworking kids!

Back row:  Tyler Ridenhour, Shane Cobleigh, Riya Patel, Gina Poe, Mikalyn Callahan, Faith Alwardt,  Taylor Hough, Kaitlin Boyd, Emilee Bowling, and Ally Amburn

Front row:  Jack Ehrhardt, Carter Wade, Kenyon Breedlove, Kelsey Winfrey, and Sawyer Nichols

Their improvement is based on their scaled score, which may mean they have to answer two or three more questions correctly to raise their score by one.  Check this out to see what it takes to raise a scaled score.  Scroll down to the scaled score table.