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Grammar Flash Cards

Directions:  Using the index cards you've purchased (bigger is better), make a flash card for each question below. You’ll obviously have to write smaller on some cards than others, but write as big as you can so you can easily read these questions/definitions.  Write the part of speech that matches these questions in small print on the back of the card and preferably in pencil so that they don’t show through the card.  Don't use different colored index cards.  Colored or not, they need to be the same.

Front--in ink or a marker so it's easily and quickly read.
Back--in small print in pencil that doesn't show through
How? Adverb
How many? Adjective
Where? Adverb
Something that can be done Action Verb
A noun that renames the subject and comes after a linking verb Predicate Noun
To what extent or to what degree? Adverb
Subject + action verb + what or whom? Direct Object
An adjective that describes the subject and comes after a linking verb Predicate Adjective
Something you can be Linking verb
When? Adverb
Which one? Adjective
How much? Adjective
What kind? Adjective
Answers adverb an adjective questions in two or more words Prepositional phrases
To whom (or what) or for whom (or what) something is done Indirect object
The noun that does what the verb says Subject
Modifies nouns Adjectives
Modifies verbs, adjectives, and adverbs Adverbs
Looks like a verb, acts like an adjective
Looks like a verb, acts like a noun
Renames any noun without a linking verb
The word to + a verb acts like a noun, adjective or adverb

After you’ve made your cards, use them as a self-study aid.  Shuffle the cards each time after going through the whole deck.  Flash cards are better than Cornell notes because they can be shuffled, and you won't link an answer to a position on a page: the top answer is always _____________. 

This should be just a review of what you’ve already learned.  You should have these basic parts of speech down quickly.  You will need to know these so you can learn more complex parts of speech like gerunds, participles, appositives, etc.