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Excellent ACT Resources

I assume there are many good ACT resources out there, but these are the ones I've purchased on because of their positive reviews.  I found I spent my money wisely.

The Real ACT Prep Guide is published by the same fine folks that construct the test, and it has actual ACT tests that have been retired for security reasons.  I recommend buying not only the newest version, but also the next most recent one just to get a huge sampling of tests and explanations.

McGraw–Hill’s Top 50 Skills for a Top Score for English, Reading, and Science by Brian Leaf (2009) is another good resource.  Why throw the science test in with English and reading?  It's because the science test is really just another reading test that isn't dependent on your knowledge of science content.

Focus on the ACT by Dr. Chippendale targets only the English and Reading tests.  I wasn't able to find the newest version on Amazon, but here is an older version.  The concepts haven't changed much on the ACT.

Cracking the ACT by the Princeton Review is another tackles-all-subjects book, and it does it well.

Let me know about good resources you find--books or sites--and I will post them here as student recommendations.