Helpful ACT Sites

If you send me addresses of sites you discover are helpful, I will add them here.

From the ACT people themselves:
The ACT Site 
Practice Questions from the ACT People
ACT Student Web Account Page

Professional help--you know you need it.
Two Practice Tests from the McGraw-Hill Company  Save these for practice just before you take the real ACT test after the course has ended.
Free Test Prep  Sometimes, I don't agree with their answers, but they have some practice test questions.

Really good all-subject source:
Study Smart Tutors Teacher's Guide  I found this online. It's for teachers, but explains concepts clearly.  It takes a little while to open--it's a whole book--but once it does, go to page 171 for the English section.  The Reading section follows it.  If the the math and science sections are as well written as the rest, I found a gold mine.

Very interactive grammar site: