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                                    PBS Matrix

Be a
Fire:  Electronic Alarm
Leave the room without running, turn right, and then exit the building by Mrs. Anthony's room.  Rally in the corner of the parking lot where I will take roll.
Severe Weather:  Alert by Intercom
Turn left and go to the Staff Development room just down the hall on the right and make room for other classes to join us.  
Teacher's Desk

Ask to borrow items.

Students' Chairs

Push them under the desk when you leave.

Classroom Materials

Bring Pen and Paper daily

Arrival Time

Wait patiently and quietly for me at the door if I haven’t arrived
Don’t be late.  It will be tough to make up tests.

Dismissal Bell

Leave a clean work station.

Asking for Help

Raise your hand and wait to be called on.
Ask questions until you understand.
Free Time

Surf the net quietly.
Jot down questions about what you don’t understand.
Food and Drinks
Leave your drinks on a center table away from all electrical devices.
Don’t bring food into the room.

Restroom Breaks

Keep these to a minimum. Return to class promptly.


Quietly listen to all announcements.


Turn them off and keep them put away.