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Practice English Tests

Okay, so I have nothing better to than to help kids by taking ACT practice tests and explaining why the right answers are right and the wrong answers are wrong.  Hopefully, it helps you.  It's what you'll find in the ACT books you'll buy, but it's FREE!  Yes, you're living the dream, and I'm making it happen.  What a team!

The 2012-13 booklet's test is considerably different than the 2011-12 booklet's test.  Both tests are different from the actual tests found in The Real ACT Prep Guide.  It makes me wonder if their A-team writes the real tests and the B-team writes the practice tests for the booklets.

The English test in the 2013-14 booklet is the same as the 2012-13 test.

2012-13 Practice Test from the Preparing for the ACT booklet

2011-12 Practice Test from the Preparing for the ACT booklet

McGraw-Hill Practice Tests  These are timed online tests. They don't have explanations, but if you took my class, read these web pages, or took the booklet practice tests above, you should know the explanations.

ACT Company's Practice Questions with Explanations