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Question Types for the Rhetorical Skills Portion

 From Cracking the ACT by The Princeton Review
1.  Change the  EXCEPT/LEAST/NOT questions.  When you see these words in all CAPS, the correct answer will be the yucky answer.  Huh, you say?  Which word would be LEAST acceptable?  See?  You're looking for the yuckiest answer.  The book suggests crossing out the EXCEPT/NOT/LEAST word and then using the process of eliminination to find and mark out the answers that would work so that you will leave behind the LEAST acceptable answer.  It may be just a mental trick, but it can allow your brain to see the answer more clearly.
2. Look for word choice and idiom questions.  Word choice questions require you to pick the synonym (or antonym in the cae of EXCEPT/NOT/LEAST questions) for given word in the passage.  Idiom questions usually ask you to pick the preposition that best fits an expression that you've heard before.
3.  Strategy questions target the purpose of the text and how adding, deleting, replacing text impacts that text.
4.  Order questions target the correct placement of a modifier, the order of sentences, and the order of paragraphs.
5.  Boxed heads up warnings that questions address the passage as a whole ask you to place new information is the best position.
6.  Grading the passage questions are typically the last questions and they ask you to determine the author's success given his or her goal.