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The Dash

Word creates a dash when you use the hyphen key twice.  I'm using Komposer to create this page and don't have that option, so imagine a majestic dash where you see my measly, little hyphens.

1.  You can use a dash to show you're interupting your main stream of thought.
The artichoke--I really hate artichokes--is a vegetable that's popular in the East.

2.  Use a dash in the same way you'd use a colon when the second independent clause explains or gives an example of  the first.
The show Emergency was a hit in the 70's and had a strong influence on my brother--he decided to become an EMT.

3.  Use a dash to put a spotlight on an appositive with or without a phrase. The dash throws a brighter beam than the colon.
It was then that she decided on her dream man--David Hasselhoff.