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Why Do You Need to Know Grammar for the ACT? 

The ACT people say 13% of the English test is based on punctuation, 16% on grammar and usage, and 24% on sentence structure (relationships between and among clauses, placement of modifiers, and shifts in construction).

That's 53% of the English test.   That's a pretty good reason! 

To know this topic targeted on the test:
You need to know this:
Fragments, comma splices, and run-on sentences
Subject, verb, commas, conjunctions, semicolons, transitions, colons
All the nouns and what essential and nonessential are
Adjectives and verbs
Appositive/participial phrases
Direct objects, indirect objects, adjectives, adverbs, prepositional phrases, etc.
Active vs. passive voice
Subject-verb agreement
Subjects and verbs, naturally, plus a long list of rules
Correct pronoun choice
Subject, direct object, indirect object, predicate noun...all the nouns a pronoun can replace and the different nominative and objective case pronouns
Misplaced modifers
Adjectives, adverbs, prepositional phrases, participial phrases...everything that can modify and what they can modify.  The list is long.
Superlative vs. comparative
Adjectives and nouns
Good vs. well
Adjectives and adverbs
Independent clauses and appositives
Independent clauses, items in a series
Nonessential adjective clauses
Subject, verb, subordinate clause introductory words
And my all-time favorite reason:  PARALLELISM EVERY part of speech
Consequently, if your teacher hasn't taught you grammar or you don't remember/didn't learn it when they did, beg them to start teaching it now!