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Your worst enemy is...


The toughest part of the ACT is the fact that it is timed.  I've seen a lot of guessing going on after the two minute warning because people were far from being done, and their guesses really lowered their scores. Obviously, guessing isn't the answer to beating the time issue.  Knowing the English test concepts combined with working at your top speed will allow you to get through the test with confidence. 

If you're still having problems completing tests by the end of your rotation, take the McGraw-Hill practice tests.  They are timed and will keep you honest. 

In rotation two, finishing the reading test before time ran out was a huge issue.  To get reading practice, read upcoming science and history chapters.  Read them at your best speed while still understanding what you're reading.  Heck, read ahead in those classes and any class with a text.  Then answer the review questions.  The ACT tests how well you can do this because a huge chunk of your college life will consist of long reading assignments and tests, not the short passages seen on the ACT.